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What is a Fair Debt Collection?
by Joe Dovet

Any person with debt should know about fair debt
collection is. Fair debt collection is a group of laws
that govern collection agencies. All the credit companies
and lenders are required by the law to do certain things,
like first and foremost they must treat the debtor well.
Any mistreatment or abuse is a crime, under the law and
the collector is liable to be punished by state law. If
you fail to repay your debt according to the contract,
your case is soon turned over to the collections
department, or an outsourced collection agency. The
collector charged to collect from you can do many things,
and there are some things that he can't do.

The debts you owe may include personal, household, and
family debts. All of these are included in the act of fair
debt collection. The main job of the collector is to
collect payments toward the debt from you on regular
basis. He may contact you by telephone, cell phone,
e-mail, and fax. there may even be occasion for the
collector to contact you in person. but usually this
field work is done only to find you and get other
contact information.

A collector usually only contacts you at times that are
convenient. For example they do not usually call in the
early morning or in the middle of the night. They are not
calling to make you mad or embarrassed unless that is what
it takes to get the payment. You can stop a collector from
calling you by writing to the creditor and requesting that
you not be contacted by telephone. the calls should stop
as soon as your letter is processed, except possibly to
respond to your letter or to let you know about a specific
action they are taking, like filing a law suit. However as
long as you keep the payment schedule, the calls should

If you happen to have an attorney, the collector will
contact the attorney, instead of you. If you don't have an
attorney, and the collector looses track of your location,
then he will attempt to get the information that he needs
from a third person, like a friend or co-worker to get
information like- your contact number, and address. He
usually doesn't tell the third party that you owe money.
It is mainly kept as a secret between you and him, to get
the information he needs. It is important to understand
that if you owe more than one debt then you will need to
make sure that the payments are credited correctly and it
is well documented on the receipt.

These practices are things that collectors are prohibited
from doing during the debt collection process .
1. Using vulgar or profane language.
2. Giving false statements.
3. Identifying himself as a government representative or
an attorney or a credit bureau worker.
4. Call repeatedly to annoy debtor.
5. Threatening debtor that you will be arrested or your
property will be sold off, unless they intend to do it
6. Collect more money than debtor owes.
7. turn in a post-dated check earlier then scheduled.
8. Passing illegal documents or papers as legal.
9. Declaring legal documents or papers to be illegal.
10. Giving false information to anyone including the
credit bureaus.

Even though all creditors and collection agencies are
required to abide by the law for the fair debt collection.
If they go beyond their bounds, they can be punished
according to the law. It does not free you from the debt.
If you owe the money then you will have to pay it back.

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