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Family Trips And Auto Safety
by Camian Veiture

Even when family road trips with the children are planned
there is inevitably something that means the chaos at the
last moment. With so many things to remember to take,
including something to occupy the kids. However there are
some simple things that we can do to increase the safety of
our family.

Although you're taking the automobile, one of the most
important things to ensure has nothing to do with this but
has to do with yourself. If you are driving check that you
are fit to drive. Are you taking any medicine that affects
your alertness or concentration?; are you too tired?; are
your eyeglasses broken and you are thinking of driving
without them? If there is any reason that you are not
feeling your best you should think of postponing the trip
until another day.

The next thing to do is to make sure the vehicle is up to
the job. A lot of newer automobiles do not have many parts
that the owner is able to check, but there are some things
that you still need take responsibility for.

Make sure the pressure is appropriate in the tires.
Sometimes a fully loaded car will call for slightly
different pressures. Incorrectly inflated tire can make a
vehicle unstable and increase the risk of unpredictable

Next look to see if all the bulbs on the car are working.
An assistant standing behind the car while you stick it in
reverse and pad the brakes will help, but if no suitable
volunteer is around then back up to the door of your garage
and look at the reflections. Next do the checks in the user
guide that came with the vehicle. Look at the water levels
in the washers, and top up if needed.

These checks are important to do even if you have just got
your vehicle back from the auto shop - things can go wrong
and bulbs can blow at random.

When you are all sitting in the automobile and about to
start out, be strict and do not set off until everything in
the back and the front is fully belted up. Seatbelts are
lifesavers so there is no excuse for no wearing them.
Anyone who has seen a simulation with a crash test dummy
will know how a little child can pick up momentum from a
crash and fly into and kill the passenger in front of them
if we do not make sure the seatbelts are on. A child seat
for the tiny ones is an essential investment.

When you are on the trip do not forget that auto wrecks are
often caused by people falling asleep at the wheel. If you
feel tiredness creeping up, stop. On some long trips it is
probably a good idea to plan to call off at a motel. Many
of us over estimate our capabilities - particularly if we
do not do a lot of long distance driving. It is always
better to stop, even if it means being a day late and
incurring the extra cost of an unscheduled stop.

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