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Resolving Banking Problems
by Benzin Gald

Do you feeling isolated while you are filling out a form
for withdrawing cash from the bank? Do you feel that the
person on the other side of the window is not helpful or
worse yet, rude? Are you feeling less then satisfied with
the service you are receiving from your bank? Don't wait!
The time to complain about it is right NOW.

Register your complaint by writing a letter, by making a
call or meet the right person. If bank authority~s conduct
is not up to the mark, then complain to manager. Every bank
has a proper modus operandi to register a complaint. If
complaint is registered in your bank:Note down the name of
the person you talk to. Note down the date and the reply
you got from that person. It will help you later on to take
your complaint further.

Still not satisfied: Write a note to branch manager, also
keep a copy of your letter. Find out their response time.
If you don~t get any response, then Contact them again.
Don~t loose temper or never use foul words while talking to
them. It will not help you much. Didn~t get any help from
local branch: Contact their head office and send a letter
with previous copies of past dealings with the local
branch. Banks have a customer care team that trains the
bank staff how to sort out the problems with customers.

If you wonder whether making the complaint will make it
uncomfortable to do business with your bank, the answer is
No. Banks understand that problems are part of doing
business. They will work with you to understand and
resolve the problem. I have seen banks reverse, charges
that they caused by my miscalculation, I have also seen
them cut similar charges in half. And I have never seen
a bank keep a charge in place that was their fault. So
mistakes happen. To stay on top of any problems I recommend
that you read your bank statements and balance them each

If you realize that misunderstandings can occur with your
bank in many areas, like interest rates, fees and
penalties, or loans and payments etc. If any problems do
occur, then speak with the right person as soon as
possible. You can be firm, but also listen to
them. they can usually explain it right there. But most of
all don't get upset. If you think that you have been
charged unfairly, then discuss it with the manager. He
will make everything crystal clear to you. If, you are
not satisfied, the bank people will try to accommodate
you. The bank is here to help you and making you feel is
in their best interest. So please take the initiative and
make the inquiry if things don't seem right to you.

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