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Money in the Bank
by Chris Cooke

Everybody wants to save money, but most people think it is
too difficult and their lifestyle requires them to spend
what they are currently spending. However, there are many
small changes you can make that do not adversely affect your
lifestyle and will save you a great deal of money throughout
the year.

First of all, change your mindset when it comes to credit.
Credit does not mean you have money to spend and should only
be used in extreme circumstances or if you know you can pay
off the bill every month. Paying cash in all instances is
the best behavior and something you should always try to do.
If you dont have cash to pay for the item, then you cannot
afford it and should simply forget about it.

Also, when trying to save money you should start shopping
grocery store specials and clipping coupons. By doing this
you can save a lot of money with little effort. Simply cut
coupons for items you actually use and will buy, and then
take them with you to the grocery store. You might consider
shopping at a grocery store that honors competitors coupons
or that has triple or double coupon day. Shopping for
groceries in this way will save you a lot of money on a
weekly basis.

Another tip is to make sure you have the appropriate cell
phone plan for the amount of minutes you talk. Too many
people buy an inexpensive plan and continuously go over
their minutes on a monthly basis and end up paying
significantly more than they would if they bought a better
phone plan.

If this sounds like you, then sit down with your
monthly statements and evaluate how many minutes you talk
and at what time of day, then go over the plans available
that meet your needs. You will pay more for your monthly
plan, but without the extra fees you could save hundreds of
dollars easily.

As you can see, saving money does not require that you
completely change your lifestyle or even eliminate things
you are accustomed to. You simply need to be smart and make
the most of the money you are making. Then, with your
savings you will be able to plan for the future, remodel
your home, pay off loans, or save for retirement. Whatever
you do, make sure the money saved is saved for important

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