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Need For A Realtor
by Albert Apfelle

The pressures of modern life has manifested itself, among
other things, in the necessary evil called saving money to
keep them within the budget. This phenomenon of cost
cutting can be observed in the recent practice of
homeowners of putting their houses on sale themselves
rather than through the realtor. Such people are displaying
their smartness and getting one ahead of realtors by
salvaging their precious money by selling their houses
themselves in a methodical manner.

Traditionally homes for sale have been placed on the
market with the help of a realtor who attracts a
commission for their time and expertise. This
commission is on average 6% of the homes sale price.
Some homeowners view this as a fee for convenience
with the added bonus of the realtor managing the risk,
however for the vast majority of people this fee has
proven to be an unnecessary burden with budget
conscious homeowners relishing in keeping the extra
money for their own pockets.

~For sale by owner~ has become the new fashion when
advertising homes for sale. Websites based on the ~for
sale by owner~ phenomenon can be found for almost
every state across America. These sites provide
comprehensive information to allow a person to list
their homes for sale. Quite often the information on
how to do-it-yourself is provided free of charge with the
sites owners attracting an income by selling marketing
materials such as web space and signage to aid a
successful sale. These sites offering such resources
make it so simple fro consumers to for sale by owner
and leave the realtor out of the equation.

Whilst money is considered to be a major influence in
deciding to list homes for sale by owner, it may not
always come up smelling roses. The owner needs to
become knowledgeable in most aspects of listing
homes for sale, particularly in acquiring all the
necessary documentation for a successful transaction.
Put simply, failure to research on the owners behalf
could turn into a ~for sale by owner~ nightmare!

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